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Happy Hour

available 3:00 to 7:00  Tuesday through Friday, with the purchase of any beverage

3.95 each

Caesar Salad

romaine lettuce with a lemon-garlic-anchovy dressing, parmesan cheese & house-made croutons

Fried Ravioli

mozzarella & ricotta cheese-filled, sprinkled with parmesan cheese & served with tomato basil sauce

Pulled Chicken & Jack Cheese Quesadilla

with sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, chipotle sour cream & green onions

Chopped Liver & Crackers

like pâté — made with slowly sautéed chicken livers & onions

salmon rillettes

a pâté-like spread of fresh & smoked wild salmon, with finely diced red onions, capers, herbs, spices & house-made mayonnaise, served with crostini


mini all-beef hebrew national kosher hot dogs wrapped in puff pastry, served with stone ground mustard mayonnaise

Hummus Plate

chickpea puree with garlic, lemon & sesame, topped with spicy chili paste, kalamata olives & pita

Made-From-Scratch French Fries

served with a side of spicy aioli

Burger Bite

mini all-natural “Painted Hills” beef burger with caramelized onions on a potato roll

Carlton Farms” Pulled Pork Slider

slow-cooked all natural pork on a potato roll, topped with house made BBQ sauce & cole slaw

Deviled Eggs

with house-made mayonnaise & a touch of mustard…good for you, too!