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fresh-roasted coffee

Our coffee beans come from Portland’s own Stumptown Coffee Roasters. They provide us with the freshest, most unique coffees, roasted daily in small batches.

Mother’s Blend

this blend focuses primarily on high grown Latin American coffees roasted to a perfect balance. This coffee’s medium body, low acidity and sweet, clean finish, make it perfect for any time of the day

Decaffeinated House Blend Coffee

this water-processed blend is perfect for anyone looking for all the flavor but none of the caffeine. This blend of high grown Latin American & Indonesian coffees is mild, sweet & full of body

Espresso 2.25 Cappuccino 3.25 Latte 3.25 Mocha 3.95

Flavored Syrups

hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, almond, cherry, strawberry, raspberry & sugar-free vanilla & hazelnut

french press coffees

1-person french press (yields 12 ounces)


2-person french press (yields 32 ounces)


Holler Mountain Blend (organic/direct trade)

a 100% certified organic blend of Indonesian & Latin American coffees, this blend is notable for its balance of acidity, body & sweet aroma

Trapper Creek Decaf (swiss water process, organic)

organic & fair trade decaf that’s lightly sweet with a medium body

Special Beans of the Moment

four different selections of small batch roasted beans, varying with what’s new and available.
Our current offerings include:


Large Press (4 cups) 7.95 Small Press (2 cups) 3.95

honduras finca el puente  (Direct Trade)

this coffee glories in purple with concord grape, blueberry & hibiscus flavors accented by tangerine & encased in creamy milk chocolate

guatemala Santa clara (Direct Trade)

brown sugar & butterscotch sweeten this cup with hints of lavender, chocolate malt & meyer lemon zest

Costa Rica Montes de Oro (Direct Trade)

honey & caramel convey sweetness in a cup
with clean & tart flavors of cherry, milk chocolate, apple, fig & vanilla

Ethiopia Mordecofe (Organic, Direct Trade)

mint chip ice cream, brown sugar, apple, ginger & fig
create an enticing mixture in a cup which finishes like Assam tea