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Activating Happy


When I think about my mother, I find myself sitting around a table filled to the brim with homemade, scrumptious food. She was an extraordinary cook. At the time, I probably took it for granted, but I always felt safe and loved around the dinner table. She told me the most important ingredient she added to every dish was “love.” I suppose that’s why it was so delicious.

Several years ago, I had the good fortune of meeting Lisa Schroeder, world-renowned award-winning executive chef and owner of Mother’s Bistro & Bar.

Lisa’s face lights up when she talks about two things (besides her grandchildren): food, the taste sensations, textures, and the love she infuses into every bite, AND, the importance of following your passion!

Lisa learned from personal experience what it’s like to work 9-5 in a job that was unfulfilling. She was eventually laid off and chose that opportunity to follow an internal burning desire to go to culinary school. The first day of class, in the kitchen, she knew she had found her way home.

I’m thrilled Lisa will be sharing her inspiring personal story with us at Activating Happy


You will learn how the “experience” of food is something to be embraced and enjoyed with great pleasure. And, she will share the importance of taking control of your life, your future and your happiness.

And, that is good food for your brain.

Bon appetit,
Sandi Serling
Activating Happy