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new zealand mother of the month (m.o.m)

Annabelle White is a popular New Zealand television and radio cooking personality whose name
is synonymous with good food and fun times in the kitchen.
Annabelle was born in 1958 in Whakatane, New Zealand a small coastal town in the North Island. While she does not have formal chef’s training her love of “great honest cooking” came from watching her mother cook every day after school. Annabelle’s extensive travels continue to be a great motivating factor in appreciating the global kitchen and learning about good food.
When she was just 17 years old Annabelle spent a year in Dover, Delaware as an AFS (international foreign exchange student) scholar. She credits her time with the high-energy, good food-loving Italian American family as a great experience to gain knowledge and appreciation for new ingredients and new cooking styles.
Annabelle began her TV work as a zany food reporter on New Zealand television in 1989 and appeared on numerous radio and television shows ever since. Her first cookbook Best Recipes was released in 1997 and ten other cookbooks followed over the years. She was a long-time food columnist for the Sunday Star-Times and the former food editor for NZ House & Garden and the New Zealand Women’s Weekly. She is now devoting her efforts to her website –
Annabelle is also busy with cooking classes and the public speaking circuit. In 2009 the University of Waikato recognized her with the Distinguished Alumni award. Annabelle holds a history degree (MA First Class Hons) from Waikato University.
While Annabelle is not officially a mother, she is the mother of New Zealand cooking, so definitely deserves our Mother of the Month (M.O.M.) title!