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fresh-roasted coffee


Our coffee beans come from Extracto Coffee Roasters, owned & operated in northeast Portland. They roast small batches of meticulously selected coffees, tuning each to perfection.

Mother’s Blend

Mother’s blend is a custom ensemble of Latin American, Indonesian and Ethiopian coffees yielding a medium-bodied, well-balanced flavorful cup, perfect for enjoying all day. Caramel & stone fruit flavors with a touch of balancing acidity makes this coffee delicious straight up or with milk.

Decaffeinated columbia

(sugar cane process)
Sugar cane processing is a natural process that leaves significantly more organic material intact, maintaining the original flavor and character of the coffee. Our Colombia decaf is a rich & complex cup featuring a wonderfully sweet aroma with flavors of chocolate cake and ripe berries.

Espresso (double) 3 Cappuccino 4/4.50 Latte 4/4.50 Mocha 4.75/5.25

Flavored Syrups

hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, almond, cherry, strawberry, raspberry & sugar-free vanilla & hazelnut

french press coffees

1-person french press (yields 16 ounces)


2-person french press (yields 32 ounces)


eleven of spades espresso blend

This blend is used for all our espresso drinks & makes a robust pot of coffee as well. Silky smooth chocolate throughout, with its sweet dark stone fruit tones & a lingering German chocolate finish, Eleven cuts through milk like a knife & stands on its own deliciously.

decaffeinated columbia

(sugar cane process)

Special Beans of the Moment

Selections of small batch roasted beans, varying by region, what’s new, in season & available.