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MOM Story

Beth Faherty –  September 2014 

Beth (“Buffy”) was born and raised in Portland, graduating from St. Mary’s Academy and later Oregon State University, majoring in Communications. She is the daughter of John and Marilyn Faherty and the sister of Brian, Molly, Tim, Meghan, and Michael. Beth is also referred to as “Aunty Candy” by the majority of her 17 nieces and nephews, since she provides them generous amounts of sweets and subsequent sugar comas. Beth loves nothing more than her three children and still talks to them in a baby voice while telling them how cute they are (even though they’re no longer babies). They really love it.

Cooking is a love affair for Beth; not only does she create delicious dishes, but she loves to share them as well. While her specialty is Italian, she enjoys finding ways to update classic dishes and fusion cuisine cooking. Sometimes she will literally throw random ingredients together and remarkably invent a masterpiece that she may or may not remember how to make again!

Beth also loves to volunteer, especially at Habitat for Humanity and the Dougy Center. She believes that philanthropy is vital and encourages all of her friends and family to join her to help various charitable organizations.

Beth is an incredibly sweet, compassionate, and thoughtful woman who is beloved by many. She will always say a quick grace before a meal and say how truly blessed and thankful she is to have so many people in her life. However, it’s her children, family and friends who are grateful to have Buffy in theirs!