Through her travels, Chef Lisa came to realize that the best meals of a country are not found in its restaurants. They’re found in its homes, made with love by mothers cooking for their families. So, in addition to Mother’s regular menu where she serves food from mothers around the world, Chef Lisa highlights a different mother each month and features some of her special dishes.

The special mother is called the Mother of the Month (or M.O.M.™), and her photograph, story and menu take a prominent place at the beginning of Mother’s menu. We choose a mother that allows us to take advantage of the seasonal availability of ingredients, such as a Greek mother in the summer months and a Polish mother in the winter months.

If you’d like to nominate a mother to be the M.O.M.™, CLICK HERE and tell us something about her and her special dishes.

M.O.M. Menu

Belladonna Donato


Lunch & Dinner

Homemade Mozzarella Caprese Salad

roasted roma tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, served with French bread



Belladonna Marie Donato’s Magic Meatball Sub

magic meatballs, tomato gravy, mozzarella,
Italian roll, Caesar salad



Belladonna Marie Donato’s Magic Meatballs & Tomato Gravy

over linguine


Bella’s Chicken Parmigiana

breaded chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato gravy, linguine



Belladonna Marie’s Famous Tiramisù

ladyfingers, kahlúa, brandy, espresso, mascarpone, whipped cream


Special Wine

Vigneti Trebbio

Chianti Superiore, Tuscany Italy, ’

8 glass | 32 bottle

Special Cocktail

Lemoncello Spritz

Lemoncello, prosecco, soda, lemon wheel




Belladonna Donato


Italian Mother of the Month (m.o.m.)

This month we’re featuring the aunt of a former employee and author, David Ciminello, as our Mother of the Month (M.O.M.). Growing up David was always bowled over by the presence of his Great Aunt Amelia P. Aguiar  whose zest for life, love and delicious food fueled her adventure-filled existence; one that included getting pregnant at fifteen, having her baby taken from her, and running away to Coney Island.

Armed with these tall tales, family folklore whispered down through generations, and a tasty batch of Italian American recipes culled from his family’s kitchen history, David wrote his debut novel, “The Queen of Steeplechase Park,” the absolutely, positively, practically, almost-true story of Belladonna Marie Donato, a young magic meatball making Depression-era Coney Island burlesque queen…

As a motherless little girl, Bella learns to cook at the hands of neighborhood corner store owner, Big Betty LoMonico. It is in Big Betty’s kitchen where Bella is introduced to the healing properties of homemade tomato gravy and magic meatballs. These top-secret recipes, along with many others, come in handy throughout a life that finds Bella embarking on a riotous quest through Depression era Coney Island sideshows, the tawdry world of peekaboo striptease routines, and a doomed mob marriage to find her lost child, herself, and maybe even true love.

It all leads Bella back home, to the scene of her original sin, where she boldly faces matters of life and death, questions of forgiveness, and a holy mess only the healing properties of great Italian cooking can fix.

Buon appetito! Mangiare bene! Stare bene! Delizioso!

Nominate A M.O.M.

The M.O.M. menu has been an important part of Mother’s since we opened in 2000.  This allows our guests to experience both new flavors and dishes from around the world and meals prepared with love by mothers cooking for their families.  Our past M.O.M.’s include a wide variety of individuals- mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, friends, and wives- and we’ve even had a few honorary male M.O.M.’s!

If you would like to nominate somebody (or yourself) to be a future M.O.M. at Mother’s, please fill out this form and return it to the host at Mother’s or [email protected].  Once we receive your form, we will contact the nominee (if possible), or you, (if it’s you or if you’d like to be the intermediary) to discuss potential dishes for the M.O.M. menu.

When making menu suggestions, please keep in mind that our M.O.M. menu typically includes an appetizer, salad and/or lunch item, 2-3 entrees (usually a meat, poultry, and/or vegetarian/fish dish) and a dessert.  When making suggestions, feel free to make your list as long as you’d like, but don’t suggest dishes that replicate those on our main menu (even if yours is the best meatloaf in the world, meatloaf is on our regular menu, so couldn’t be offered on our M.O.M. menu).

It’s likely we’ll have a bit of back and forth where I may ask you to list ingredients in a dish to gain a clearer idea of how it might taste, but keep in mind that we won’t need any recipes until after we finalize the menu.

Thanks again for your interest in the M.O.M. program.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you have!