Becky McConnell was born in Roseburg, Oregon in 1978 and moved to Newport in 1987 when she was nine years old. Becky got into cooking at a very young age. Her mother worked two jobs to provide for her family, so Becky did the cooking for her brother and herself. At 17 she traveled to Japan as an exchange student, explored new foods and flavors, which sparked her interest in cuisine even more. Upon returning to the states, she studied Japanese at the University of Oregon and went back to Japan in 1999 for an internship at a Japanese newspaper

Becky earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University in 2001, but gave up the idea of a career in international trade since it would have meant being gone for weeks at a time, making it hard to start a family. Since Becky loved cooking she decided to launch her business, Chef Becky (, a personal chef and catering service, preparing customized meals for people to enjoy at home. Clients include student athletes entering the NBA and NFL drafts, busy families, post-surgery patients and new mothers.

Becky’s daughter, Ellie, was born in 2005 and is a regular guest on her mother’s cooking segment (filmed in their kitchen) on NBC in Eugene. Just like us, Becky shows her love for people by cooking amazing food for them. We hope you enjoy what we’re cooking for you from Becky’s extensive repertoire!


M.O.M. Menu

Lunch & Dinner

Three Cheese Spinach & Artichoke Dip

a warm dip with artichokes, spinach, mozzarella,

parmesan & cream cheese,served with crostini


Bordeaux Chicken with Mushrooms

slow-cooked chicken thighs with mushrooms, bacon, red wine & tomatoes,
served with mashed potatoes & sautéed spinach

Acorn Squash with Heartland Stuffing

roasted squash filled with brown, red & wild rice, wheat berries, cranberries,
walnuts, mushrooms & sage, with a roasted walnut cream sauce,
served with an apple & gorgonzola cheese salad with apple cider vinaigrette


Chocolate Lava Cake

baked-to-order chocolate cake with a gooey center,
served warm with vanilla ice cream

Special Wine

Silvan Ridge Malbec, Rogue Valley, Oregon ’15