6 Ways Portland is The Best Brunch Town on Earth

By Leslie Kelly

The lovely city in Oregon is known for many things, including its starring role in Portlandia. But it’s the wildly creative, ever-expanding brunch options that get my motor running south from Seattle a few times a year. Yes, the wait for a table for that weekend morning/afternoon meal can be crazy long (the subject of one of those awesome Portlandia skits, in fact). Be patient. It’s so worth it. Here are 6 reasons brunch lovers should get to PDX PDQ! Oh, and I’ve also included links to recipes that should address any cravings this post creates.

6.) Life-Changing French Toast
There are a ton of reasons to adore Mother’s Bistro, also known as the comfort food center of the universe. Go ahead and dive into the cinnamon rolls, a soaring stack of fluffy pancakes, the addictive breakfast nachos and the massive omelettes. I’ll be over here, stuffing my pie hole with the incredible French Toast, made crunchy by the addition of a cornflakes crust on the outside of the custard-y challah bread. Maybe that sounds a little strange, but the contrasting textures are pure genius.

Try it at home: French Toast (add your own cornflakes!).

Mother’s Crunchy French Toast is worth celebrating. Photo via Facebook

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