Best Portland Lunch Spots – Updated August 2019

Last updated on August 21, 2019

My list of tasty Portland lunch spots is two years in the making! This list of the best places to eat in Portland for lunch has all the hot restaurants spots you need to try in PDX. In addition to trendy new restaurants in Portland, you’ll find suggestions on casual dining restaurants that are worth a visit. I try a new Portland lunch spot almost weekly, so this list is updated often! Don’t forget to bookmark this best Portland restaurants list.

Mother’s Bistro (SW)

table service

A restaurant that cooks a variety of “Mother’s food” from around the world. Genius.

Mother’s Bistro crab cakes with a pile of shoestring potatoes

It would take days to read through all the options on the Mother’s bistro menu. You can basically get any cuisine you’re in the mood for at this huge, but cozy, restaurant. One day I’ll get the Mexican salad. The next visit, I’ll get the homemade Polish pierogies served with sour cream.

On a behind-the-scenes YouTube special I did featuring Mother’s, Chef Lisa laid out a plethora of tasty food for us.

Mother’s Bistro chicken and dumplings with fresh herbs

Everything I’ve had has been amazing. Try the crab cakes served on a big ol’ pile of shoestring potatoes, the mac and cheese of the day, and always leave room for dessert, like the decadent chocolate cake – it’s one of the best places to eat in Portland if you’re feeding a bunch of people with different cravings.

Oh, and their cocktail menu shouldn’t be missed, either!

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1 thoughts on “Best Portland Lunch Spots – Updated August 2019

  1. Jenna Passaro says:

    Hey Mother’s Crew!
    It was a pleasure to meet Chef Lisa and to feature Mother’s Bistro on my favorite PDX lunch list. Just dined at your new location a couple of weeks ago with my lunch club, and I recently made a reservation to go back in a month with the hubs. Obviously, I can’t wait to try new things! That extensive menu is amazing. And I love the beautiful new space! CHEERS!
    – Jenna

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