This month we’re featuring a unique mother, Aunt Lena from New Jersey. Part real, part fantasy, but 100% great cook and mother,

Aunt Lena practically begged to be a M.O.M. and we just couldn’t say no!

Aunt Lena is the alter ego and creation of Anne-Louise Sterry, an internationally known speaker and performing artist. Aunt Lena is the irrepressible, unpredictable, yet almost prescient distributor of “Cutting Edge Mediterranean Wisdom.” She is the crazy Italian aunt whose view of life, love, husbands and food does not just bring a smile to people’s faces but actually goes a little deeper into their lives to make a real and positive difference.  In their performances, keynotes and workshops both Aunt Lena and Anne-Louise never fail to inspire and delight.

Born in New York City and raised in Northern New Jersey, Anne-Louise is the eldest daughter of a large Italian family where food, music and storytelling have always played a big part of her life. Her father’s family is from Genoa, Italy, and her mother’s family came from Naples. Somehow along the way she married an English guy, had three children and they have Yorkshire pudding on Sundays with their ravioli! Aunt Lena’s new cookbook,

Aunt Lena’s Cucina is on sale here at Mother’s Bistro and you can follow or book Aunt Lena and/or Anne-Louise at &

Here’s a little something Aunt Lena wrote to introduce herself…

Here I am ta share my recipes wid youse and some tips on how ta have a good life.  It’s all connected youse know wad I mean? I got my book  Aunt Lena’s Cucina; and  lemme tell yas  it’sa  more than a joosta cook book. ‘Mangi per Vivere, Viva per Amare!’  Eat to live and live to love!  Dat sez it all.

I was born in da south part of Italy and den we came ta this country when I was a little bambina. Of course we came ta da east coast- New Joisey and New York.(Youse wanna know more about “La Famiglia” youse betta have me to ya place, ‘cause itsa long story!).  But we grew up cooking all da tings they used ta cook back home. Youse learn to make-a dis food fa yerselves –simple and ya feel so good and so does ya family and friends.

So eat up and enjoy my recipes or da ones from Chef Lisa cause boy is she one good cook, almost as good as me!

Ciao bella!

M.O.M. Menu


Antipasto Salad

marinated vegetables including carrots, celery, pepperoncini, mushrooms, green & black olives on a bed of chopped lettuce with genoa salami, provolone cheese & tomatoes



house-made crepes filled with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan and pecorino romano cheeses, topped with tomato-basil sauce

Linguini with Red Clam Sauce

fresh manilla clams tossed in a vibrant tomato sauce with linguini

Chicken Cacciatore

slow-cooked chicken with onions, peppers, niçoise olives & tomatoes, served with buttered pasta & sautéed spinach


Da Best Cheesecake

a creamy cheesecake topped with amarena cherries & whipped cream

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