Gayle was born in Ashton, Idaho (not too far from Yellowstone) in 1942 and grew up on a potato farm.  She started cooking when she was in junior high school when her mother went back to work.  She’d help get dinner started for the family – brown the meat for the stew, peel potatoes – whatever her mother needed, she’d happily do it, particularly if it involved cooking.

Gayle went to University of Idaho and studied Biology and Zoology.  It was there she met her husband who was working toward his doctorate in Chemistry.  They moved to St. Paul, Minnesota in 1969, and Gayle became a stay-at-home mom until her children went off to school.  Gayle loves to cook and entertain and has been a member of a gourmet club for over 30 years.  She’ll spend not only hours in the kitchen, but goes to great lengths to set a beautiful table replete with flowers, place cards and decorations.   She even published a small cookbook called “Gayle’s Gourmet Luncheons” for her friends who always asked her for recipes.

Fortunately, she shared some of her recipes with us, too, so hopefully you’ll enjoy!

M.O.M. Menu


Pear, Rogue River Blue & Toasted Hazelnut Salad

with mesclun greens & balsamic vinaigrette


Beef Stroganoff

filet mignon sautéed with onions and mushrooms with a touch of dijon mustard and sour cream, served with egg noodles

Bourbon & Hoisin Marinated Carlton Farms Pork Tenderloin

grilled, served with spicy smashed potatoes and dried cherry & ginger slaw


Frozen Mocha Toffee Crunch Terrine

chocolate wafers layered with mascarpone, coffee cream and toffee bits with dark chocolate & caramel sauces & whipped cream

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