Irmgard Hohndel was born in Kattowitz in 1940. Towards the end of World War II, her family fled west from the approaching Russian troops, but soon was separated. She and her mother ended up in northern Germany, her father in Zell, a tiny village in Bavaria. In the confusion after the war, it took more than two years for the Red Cross to link them, and another year till Irmgard and her mother were able to join her father in Zell.

Irmgard grew up helping her mother, an excellent cook who was asked to cook at most of the celebrations people had in their new home town – weddings, parties, anything. And throughout Irmgard’s life, cooking was one way in which she showed her love for others. Widowed early and with three children still in school, she had to make ends meet and worked two jobs to ensure their education. But whatever happened, there was always good food on the table and something “special” on every Sunday. Rouladen, one of the dishes we picked for this menu, is one of these special Sunday dishes.

Fast forward 21 years. All three children went to college and now have families of their own. Irmgard is retired and lives comfortably with Manfred, her second life partner, in a small town just minutes from Zell. She has four grandchildren, two of which are her connection to Portland, since her youngest son moved here for work four years ago and stayed for love.

To all of you “Guten Appetit”

M.O.M. Menu


Wiener Schnitzel

pounded, breaded & pan-fried pork loin, served with a lemon-vinaigrette-dressed salad


Rouladen (Braised Stuffed Beef Rolls)

thinly sliced beef filled with bacon, onion & cornichons, rolled & braised in a savory sauce, served with halbseidene kartoffelklöße (potato & bread dumplings) & braised red cabbage

Huenerfrikassee (Chicken Fricassee)

slow-stewed chicken in a savory sauce with peas, asparagus & a touch of cream, served with rice pilaf


Bayerische Crème (Strawberry Bavarian Cream)

vanilla bean & strawberry cream custard, topped with whipped cream & strawberry sauce

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