This month we’re featuring Richard J. Perry as our honorary mother of the month.  Even though he’s not a mother, he just published a great cookbook with lots of mother-type recipes. The Good Home Cookbook: More Than 1000 Classic American Recipes preserves the hearty staples of American cookery and embodies the spirit of tradition.  This is a timeless collection of familiar favorites and beloved classics, which were tested by hundreds of home cooks and mothers from all 50 states.

Richard started cooking in his mother’s kitchen as a young lad.  His passion for food led him to the Western Culinary Institute (class of ’85), and then on to cooking in restaurants.  He is currently the president and publisher of Collectors Press, where he keeps his cooking skills alive by testing new dishes daily.  He still cooks supper from scratch nearly every night for his family, makes hearty weekend breakfasts with farm fresh eggs, and cooks elaborate Sunday meals.

Richard tells us that The Good Home Cookbook is a heartfelt tribute to his parents and grandparents – for their dedication to family and for all that they passed on to him – their love, their best recipes and their simple old-fashioned belief that life is short, so we should all live well…and eat well.

M.O.M. Menu


Salade Niçoise

a classic salad from southern France – a bed of greens topped with fresh green beans, tomatoes, niçoise olives, sliced hard-boiled eggs, new potatoes & tuna, dressed with a lemon-garlic oil dressing


Chicken Marengo

slow-cooked chicken with tomatoes, white wine & mushrooms, served with orzo pasta & sautéed spinach

Chicken-Fried Steak with Cream Gravy

“cascade natural” beef steak, breaded and pan-fried like southern fried chicken, served with smashed red potatoes & seasonal vegetables


Boston Cream Pie

not really a pie at all, this is a fluffy two-layer cake filled with vanilla pastry cream & frosted with chocolate – the best of both worlds!


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