This month we’re featuring Tieonna Brown, who has been a server at Mother’s Bistro & Bar for 5 years.  We’re featuring Tie because she loves to serve her family breakfast for dinner.

Tie was born in Colora, Maryland in 1975, but moved to Portland when she was four years old after her father retired from the military.  Tie started working in restaurants as a young girl for extra pocket money, first as a busser, then as a server.  She went to Lincoln High School and University of Oregon, and had the first of her four children while still in college, waiting tables to get by.  It was a perfect job for a single mother – the hours were flexible and the pay good.

Tie’s first job serving breakfast happened because she was the only applicant who actually showed up 15 minutes early for her 6:00 am shift, at a time when the restaurant could barely get servers to show up at all.  She realized she loved serving people their first meal of the day, and it enabled her to be home in time for her children when they got out of school.

Breakfast for dinner is one of Tie’s specialties, and she serves it to her family at least once a week. It’s a quick and healthy way to put delicious, nutritious food in her children’s bellies after a busy day serving others.

M.O.M. Menu

Breakfast or Anytime

Tie’s Favorite Omelet

a three egg omelet filled with avocado, fresh tomatoes, bacon & cream cheese, served with roasted red potatoes & a buttermilk biscuit

Country Hash

with kielbasa sausage, onions, peppers, potatoes & eggs, topped with country gravy

Kielbasa Sausage Sandwich

grilled kielbasa sausage topped with melted muenster cheese on a ciabatta roll with house made stone ground mustard mayonnaise, sauerkraut & caramelized onions, served with Kettle potato chips


Mascarpone-Filled Crêpes with Berries

tender homemade crepes filled with mascarpone cream filling, fresh local berries & berry coulis (sauce)

Special Cocktail


sparkling wine with fresh pink grapefruit juice

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