Oregon: Fantasy land for foodies

18 Mar, 2014 12:00pm

Michael Burgess enjoys the freshest produce and craft beer on the West Coast of the USA.

If you’re coming to Oregon, bring an empty belly.

On a trip through the West Coast state, you’ll need to revisit your perceptions about American cuisine. Sure, there are all your usual fast-food choices as well as ubiquitous diners and bullish buffets. But beyond that, Oregon is a state for true foodies.

There is a long-established “farm to table” culture and residents insist on local, fresh ingredients (as the saying goes, the only thing Oregonians care about more than what they’re eating is where it came from). It seems almost obsessive but visitors get to reap the dividends.

Oregon is also one of the epicentres of craft-beer production in the United States, and like the rest of the West Coast has an extensive wine tradition. Travellers who come for the scenery, adventure, history and modern cities stay for the food. Here’s my pick of Oregon’s food and drink.

Crunchy French Toast at Mother’s Bistro and Bar, Portland

This cafe emphasises home-style cooking, and even features recipes from a nominated “Mom of the Month”. The extensive breakfast menu has everything from Belgian waffles to breakfast nachos to chicken-apple sausages. The French toast is dipped in cornflakes then cooked golden brown – an absolute delight.

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