Popular Portland-area restaurants decide to stay closed for Mother’s Day

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PORTLAND, Ore. — For businesses across Oregon, it’s an unusual Mother’s Day weekend. Many popular restaurants will stay closed on Sunday.

The owner at Mother’s Bistro started making changes last month in order to bring customers back in April. As Lisa Shroeder decided if it was time to order supplies, the governor shut down indoor dining in Multnomah County.

“The food at Mother’s doesn’t just happen like this, we have to make the sauces that go into the stock, that go into the gravy, that go into the sauces. All that takes days to prepare, to be able to open a few days later. So, thankfully we weren’t stuck with a lot of product,” Shroeder said.

Tuesday evening, those restrictions were lifted, allowing indoor dining to resume that coming Friday. But Shroeder says this was not enough time.

“I need to order my food on a Monday to have it on a Tuesday to be able to open on a Thursday. I don’t have enough time to be able to invite 60 people, who are my staff members, back to be able to work. It takes a lot to mobilize 60 people and get them in,” she said.


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