Why some Portland-area restaurants chose to remain closed

Some Portland restaurant owners decided to remain closed largely due to COVID-19 concerns in the state.

PORTLAND, Oregon — Many Portland restaurants have opened in the last week because the county entered Phase 1. But not everyone feels comfortable opening their restaurants despite the loss of revenue.

Lisa Schroeder is the owner of Mother’s Bistro & Bar in Portland. She said she has decided not to open her restaurant because of the continued spread of COVID-19.

“Every day I am reading the news, every day I am reading the incidences of COVID-19,” Schroeder said. “If these numbers continue to rise, we will not open on July 31, I’m sorry.”

Schroeder planned to open her restaurant at the end of the month but that is still up in the air. Her restaurant offered takeout and delivery for three months but she decided that wasn’t working.

She said was losing money and her staff was nervous to come Downtown because of all the protests.

“What are the most risky places to be, besides church and large gatherings inside?” Schroeder said. “Restaurants.”

Over at Anna Bananas in northwest Portland, owner Rand Klemp said he is not opening yet either.

“Even given the restrictions, the space restrictions and the other factors, takeout and delivery are where we are going to go until we enter Phase 3,” Klemp said. “We just can not risk our community.”

Klemp said he hopes time is on his side.

“We did our business plan and said in January and February, we hope to be back to normal,” Klemp said. “If it lasts until March or April, we are in trouble.”

Schroeder said there’s a statewide call to action to help restaurants. Anyone interested can find more information on Saverestaurants.com.



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