With twist on the cause, Mother’s Bistro & Bar stays open for #DayWithoutImmigrants

by Jason Nguyen  /  Thursday, February 16th 2017

PORTLAND, Ore. — While most immigrants took the day off for a ‘Day Without Immigrants,’ Mother’s Bistro & Bar stayed open and plans to help fund immigrants.

“Some of the people who work for me are immigrants [and] were going to strike today,” said chef and owner of Mother’s Bistro & Bar Lisa Schroeder.

Chef Schroeder’s immigrant staff members were planning to take part in the national event calling on immigrants to stay home from school and work and not go shopping.

“America is made up of immigrants. We are all immigrants. We need to welcome everyone with welcome arms,” said the chef.

But Chef Schroeder and her team came up with a different approach…

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